Thursday, March 16, 2006

We went to the playground today after preschool and thankfully J and W played mainly with each other. There were a few 10 year-olds there with the worst mouths I've ever heard. They were calling each other awful names and I almost wanted to tell the poor girl who was being teased not to let anyone ever make her feel badly about herself. But she ended up saying things back to the boys and I realized that this is their reality. This is how these kids relate to each other and it doesn't seem to really affect them at all. Or does it?

K had a trip to the Museum of the Moving Image with her video class. She had an awesome day, she said. I dropped J off at dance around 4:30 (K went too) and took W to his first baseball practice! He practiced throwing, catching, and batting with the coaches and was one of the 2-3 kids with the best swings. He hit a line drive past the pitcher's mound - much to the delight of the coaches. One kid on the team will be 7 in July and he's very good from what I've seen today. They don't do "T-ball" here. The coaches pitch to them from the mound from the getgo. W's hand stung after he hit the ball - he wasn't used to that - and then he took a pitch to the hand. He tried so hard not to cry, but he couldn't help it. He went back onto the field after a few minutes. I think he enjoyed it in spite of getting hurt and it being windy and freezing out. LOL.

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Patrice said...

Was that like Little League? I'm so glad they do it that way, sounds more fun. I've only seen T-ball pics and on TV, and it looks so boring--this sounds like a more fun way to learn.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Yes, it's a Little League team (official and everything!). Most of the baseball for kids I've ever heard of start with t-ball. They never did at this place. I hope he likes it - he's so cute out there!