Thursday, March 02, 2006

We're all ready for this weekend's competition. I just have to buy a pack of bobby pins and pick up some food to bring. B took off tomorrow, so he'll probably run all the errands (W to school, trip to the grocery store, J to dance rehearsal, ATM machine, etc). He also said he'd stitch J's "new" costume. The kids are using the older team's costumes from 3 years ago which are a bit ripped. It was a last minute decision - they'll have new costumes for this number by the next competition. Hey, I'm just glad they got something so quickly. B always does so much. He's awesome. K is staying home from school tomorrow so we can go shopping for a new bathing suit and to pack. W is going to school because he's getting his preK cap-and-gown photos taken. We'll be hitting the road at about 7pm.

J worked on today, multiplying fractions and reducing the answers while being timed. We read a couple of chapters of Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear (I hate that title, but it's a cute book). She added new things to her website and removed other things. She IM'd a few friends and talked to her homeschooled friend, G, on the phone. G and her brother have enrolled in school for next year. J doesn't know why on earth they would voluntarily do such a thing. She figures that they are just curious to know what it's like since they've never been there before. I'm sure she's right.

Link of the day:
Homeschooling Grows Quickly in the US

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Susan said...

Good Luck with your trip and compitition this weekend. Hope you all have fun.