Tuesday, March 21, 2006

W found J's old first grade workbook and brought it over to me to do with him. He chose pages where you have to circle the ending letter of the picture. He got them all right and moved onto another alphabet game in an old Nickelodeon magazine. I love how excited he is to learn. I tried to get lots of cleaning done today, but ended up playing with the kids mostly. MIL gave us a bag of decorative soaps last week and W was playing with one. I took one and started carving a whale out of it with the point of a compass. Soon all the kids wanted to do soap carvings too. K make a bunny, J engraved a face, and W carved shapes into a flat oval soap and said it was an Easter egg.

B was home in time to bring W to hip-hop class. Of course the girls wanted to go, too, so I had some time alone to cook dinner and straighten up. I finished up J's 3rd quarterly report and will mail it at the end of the month. I'm going to call the superintendent's office tomorrow morning to see if I can get one of those free Metrocards I keep hearing about. That would be great! It supposedly allows 3 bus/train trips per day. I don't know all the details yet, but I'll find out.

Link of the day:
An Interview With John Holt

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Patrice said...

You can get a free Metrocard for Homeschooling? Wowee. Okay, maybe I got that wrong. When you find out about it, post, I'm curious about that since I've got friends and family back in NY.

Mmm, soap carvings, I bet that smelled good as well as being fun. :) And I'd rather play than clean anyday. LOL!