Tuesday, June 13, 2006

15 more days til school is out.

W had a bad day yesterday. Nothing he did came out "right", his sisters were annoying him, and he wasn't getting as many Funyuns as J was. So he pretty much lost it and cried a lot at one point. In doing so, he revealed to me that "everyone" at school calls him a baby and that he gets blamed for things he doesn't do. I don't get the "baby" thing - W is one of the toughest kids I know. He said one girl lied and he had to sit in the "thinking chair" last week. I asked him why he doesn't tell me these things and he said he doesn't want to get me upset. Then today after school, when he went into yet another rage at not getting ice cream right then and there, I asked if he'd had a bad day today. He said he did because Ms. S kept "interrupting" him during show-and-tell and then he couldn't even finish his presentation. Sigh. I'm sure he gets frustrated like this a lot at school. I'm just glad he's finally talking about it.

J has been so involved with her friends lately. She talks on the phone with several girls every day and has been having so many playdates. She's been asked to perform at a fundraiser on Saturday at the studio and is already making up new dances with 3 friends. I love her friends. I know them and their parents really well. I laugh at the socialization concern with homeschooled kids. Not only does J have more friends now, but the friendships are so much deeper.

Here's a funny story:
This morning, we dropped K off at school and had to wait till the schoolbus in front of us let out this seemingly endless line of kids. After about 2 minutes, J says, "What is with this schoolbus? It's like a clown car." I almost peed myself laughing.

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