Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ok, so I'm using from now til the end of summer to become the new, organized, creative, patient, frugal, ideal me. I feel as though things are starting to get very disorganized and wonky around here so I've come up with a plan for myself:

I will spend about an hour doing a regular morning cleanup which includes starting laundry, washing/drying dishes, making beds, wiping down bathroom, and sweeping and swiffering the living room and dining room - and an evening routine that includes clearing the table, wiping down and sweeping the kitchen, washing/drying dishes, and doing a 15-minutes clutter pickup. The kids and I will make dinner early in the day and B can reheat it and eat with them while I'm at work (and I'll just eat when I get home). I need to stop being lazy.

Every week we will grocery shop, get to the library, and go on a fun outing. At least once every 2 weeks I'd like to get out with the kids to a homeschool group activity. I want to take them out more often to play in the playground, on the block, and in the backyard.

I have a huge list of ideas for the times we are at home. The kids do tend to get bored sometimes (though not very often) and they love the idea list - well, they should since they put all their favorite things to do on it! Several things on the list include gardening, cooking, read-alouds, and craft projects. I plan to keep my home filled with art supplies, notebooks, paper, magazines, craft books, CD Roms (well, at least dust off all the old ones), videos & DVDs, and the activity books and they like.

I can do this. I want the kids to have all the resources and opportunities open to them without clutter and mom's laziness in their way. Homeschooling for us can be 100 times better with a little more organization on my part.

I am seeing the kids play together nicely a lot more than usual. The tv is on, but no one really watches. They create new games and revamp old ones. Even K has been more tolerant of her siblings and more open and huggy with me. I am so totally motivated to get going with this. We're going food shopping to day and the Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a few new things. Oh, and to the Post Office to mail out the end-of-year homeschool correspondence. I predict that in a few weeks things will be very improved around here.

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