Monday, June 26, 2006

2 more days of school.

J is still reading Aquamarine. K just finished another "Clique" book and is about to start the book I just finished - The 5 People You Meet in Heaven. After I began reading it, I realized it was a tv movie I saw a couple of years ago and remembered the story. K loved the movie and was excited that I bought the book. W is getting better at longer words, but still won't read sentences to me. He really enjoys it when I read to him and listens intently, asking questions as we go along.

W's teachers gave out a paper to enroll your kid in summer preK - from 8:20am to 12:30pm. It's basically a free babysitting service that provides free government breakfast and lunch. Kinda like Kindergarten (and all those other grades). No thanks. Maybe if I had to work during those hours, or if I couldn't provide food for my children, or if it could be more like summer camp, or if my kid wouldn't be doing stuff all summer where he'd have fun, I would consider it. I don't see the point otherwise. He's looking forward to a fantastic summer of sun, fun, water, trips, family, friends, fishing, sand, rides, and relaxing. So am I.

J has a pretty big dance schedule now for the summer. Her new summer session includes 5 hours of technique each week whick includes ballet barre, floor barre, and 2 kick-turn-jump classes. She takes regular mainstream classes, too, including tap, modern, hip-hop, and musical theater (with K). Also thrown in there are group number rehearsals (on Thursdays) and July 3rd, 5th, and 7th are her private morning lessons to work on her solo. On July 1st and 2nd she's performing at the State Fair Meadowlands at Giants Stadium. She has rehearsal both mornings and then performances in the afternoon. On July 18th we leave for Nationals in New England. Being a semi-finalist for Title (Miss Junior so-and-so 2006) she must be there 2 days earlier than when the competition starts for an audition, interview, and production rehearsals (all the semi-finalists perform a new number together at the beginning and end of the National competition). Then she competes on Friday and Saturday. This is going to be so great. The whole family is going and we plan on making it a wonderful vacation.

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