Wednesday, June 07, 2006

W's school had a half-day yesterday and only the morning preK had class, so he was off. He's also off on Thursday and Monday. He played some computer games with me - mostly on phonics and reading. K had a half-day, too, so after we picked her up we went out to Target. I got something to wear to work and something for K to look like Tinkerbell in for the recital. I also bought a bunch of other things I really don't need and then it happened...J wanted a book! She selected "Aquamarine" (Alice Hoffman), jumped into the cart, and proceeded to read until we got to the checkout counter. She kept saying she loved it so far. I figured out that she really needs quiet when she reads and will still get distracted with any noise around her. I've always been that way too, and only recently learned how to tune other noise out when I read - and it's still hard for me sometimes. So I get it. I always found a quiet "hiding spot" when I was little so I oculd read in peace. I'm going to help J find her own hiding spot. And we can schedule reading time when her sibs are in school. It's certainly quiet then!

We had lunch at a Chinese buffet place. We all ate too much. I guess we have to feel we're getting more for our money. LOL. I love the freedom and variety at these places - and the price is right, especially the lunch prices! I was full for the rest of the day.

We picked up B at the train at 4:30, I got to work at 5, and B took the kids for a quick slice of pizza before W's dance class. W finally got his costume - a basketball uniform with his nickname "DASH" on the back. At the studio he is never in the same spot for more than 3 seconds so they've lovingly given him the name of the kid from the Incredibles. It fits him well. I'm feeling a little more at ease about the recital. As long as I can get myself to feel organized, I will be. A week after the recital, the summer classes start and then Nationals a month later. And then J goes nuts not having dance class the whole month of August and can't wait for September to come so she can do another whole crazy dance year!

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Mammal_Mama said...

We love Chinese buffet, too. My six-year-old loves The Incredibles! Did you know that the people who made the movie actually wanted to place more emphasis on the mom's decision to stay home -- but the scene had to be cut?