Monday, June 19, 2006

J danced at a fundraiser at the studio on Saturday. I worked all day, so it was up to B to make sure she was there on time, with her costume. I was a little nervous since she'd never been costumed without me. I also wasn't there to make sure the whole costume with all the extra doodads came home intact. But all went well as I should have known. The owner and another mom got her dressed, put on the makeup, and did her hair. B couldn't stay there, since W wouldn't sit through that, so he took himtothe park wher he met a few older kids and had some great water fights with them. K stayed for the show and said it was pretty good. B and W came back at the end and the owner talked about W's solo next season. W showed her some of his moves, made some of his own suggestions as to how he wants his solo, and said he can't wait. They really see potential in him there. I never say anything about it. I'm glad they always bring it up first.

Yesterday was a nice Father's Day. The kids and I gave B cards and his favorite sugar-free candy. W gave him the card and gift he made at school - a picture of himself with a frame he decorated. So cute. B said he wanted to cry. W made a drawing on a folded piece of paper and wrote "o-p-i-n" on each fold. This was his very first attempt at figuring out a word to write it down. He writes often, but usually asks someone how to spell something. He was very proud of himself. Later in the day he brought over his 1st grade workbook and did some spelling pages with me. The girls loved workbooks too - until they went to Kindergarten. In Kindergarten they make you do workbook pages every day. I can see why they stopped being fun at home. I'm curious to see if W continues to enjoy workbooks beyond Kindy age. I don't see why he wouldn't. It's like any other game to him.

I drove K to her friend's house and they spent the whole day at the beach. She's so good - she checks in with me every few hours. We were out in the backyard all afternoon with J and W in the little pool (8' round/2' deep) and the really cute sprinkler mat I bought last week. After 4 hours we came up, got dressed, and went out to eat. K got home around 9:30pm (friend and family dropped her off).

Today was W's dance festival. It was outside on the avenue, and the parents got to watch fromthesidewalk across the street. It was a good setup. A group of 2-3 PreK, K, 1st grade and 2nd grade classes danced to a song. W's class re-performed it in the classroom for the parents. We bought ice cream on the walk home and the kids got their suits on to go in the pool and sprinkler again. They played for a couple of hours while I sat and read in my beach chair.

I got the schedule for J's Nationals today and all her numbers are on the Friday and Saturday - so we get to relax Sunday and just watch the senior dancers. J actually has to be there Wednesday for an audition, interview, and all day rehearsal since she's a semifinalist for Title. She also has rehearsal on Thursday and an early Friday performance (and Saturday afternoon) with all the other semifinalists from all over the east coast. It sounds like so much work for her, but she loves it so much and can't wait. 3 others from her team and 5 or 6 from the older team are semifinalists as well, so she'll have friends there with her. K had a park field trip today with school. I so can't wait til she's done for the year. Sigh.


Rachel said...

I found your blog today while filling out my 4th quarterly reports for my kids. (I was looking up stuff, making sure I have everything covered, etc.) I'm a mom of three as well. Although we do "some" school during the summer-I am thankful for the break. :o)

NYCitymomx3 said...

Hi! I finally got all my stuff mailed. I just use the same quarterly over and over again and just change the dates. Are you in the city? Close to it? How's your district?