Sunday, June 11, 2006

Today was the kids' dance recital. Between the 3 of them I think we had about 10 costume changes, plus the number B and I were in. After several panic attacks throughout the show, I was pretty relaxed! W was amazing. He was a flying monkey in the Oz number and in his hip-hop number he did a perfect cartwheel. I didn't know he could do that. J was her energetic, exuberant self, and K got her chance to shine. The owner said she was really really good and will let her take a tech class next season with the Company. K is so thrilled. It was a great show. The after-party was so fun. We went to a an open, airy restaurant and the kids all played outside on the sidewalk. J and her friends made up new dances, W played tag with all the boys, and K hung out with all her friends from the Company. We had an open bar for 3-hours (woohoo) and the food was fantastic.

Now we have a whole week off from dance (J's gonna go nuts, lol) and then the summer session begins. W is off from school tomorrow and I told K she can stay home if she's too tired in the morning to get up. I'm off from work tomorrow, too. It'll be a great day to relax together.

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