Sunday, June 25, 2006

So I call Hewlett Packard for a new keyboard. Ours got sticky and broken and since I paid for accidental damage replacement, I figured let's get a new one. The idiot technician tells me I have to download 2 new drivers since my new keyboard will be an updated version of my current one. I download the new keyboard/mouse driver, then when I started downloading the motherboard BIOS driver - my whole computer froze, crashed, and became totally unusable. So after a long angry phone call to a supervisor, I have to send them my tower to get the motherboard replaced. I did not back up my info on the hard drive so I have to keep calling them to remind them not to restore everything to "factory settings". I'm shipping it off tomorrow. Oh, and the "new" keyboard I got in the mail is the exact same model as my other one.

In the meantime, I took K's computer (which is in her room with no internet access) abd brought it out to the dining room where the cable modem is. I thought we would be tossing it out a few years ago, so I deleted everything I could on the old hard drive. Then when we decided to give it to K, she couldn't do anything with it except write Word documents and play CD Roms. I tried hooking it up once, but got nothing. So yesterday I came up with a plan. I dug out the old system restore cd with Windows XP and booted up the computer with that in the disk drive. After a 45 minute setup - we are up and running!!!! Wow!! I thought I wouuld be fine with no computer for a week, but after 3 days, I realized I need all the dance studio emails, my checking account information, and most of the homeschooling support, encouragement, and info I have is from the internet. It's working fine except that my favorites aren't here. It'll do until I get my HP back.

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