Thursday, June 29, 2006

We stayed home and relaxed today. J spent time in her room reading Aquamarine. She told me how much she loves the book, which was nice to hear. I love that she's enjoying reading again. So much more world can open up to you through books. W wanted to read in the room with her, but she needs to be alone and have quiet. So he brought me Hop on Pop to read with him in the living room. He read most of it to me, realizing it's easier now that he understands it's a rhyming book. Then he brought over an old first-grade workbook to do with him. He started with circling the ending sound/letter of words and then found some mazes, and then circling all the words on the page that start with a certain letter. He has so much fun filling out workbooks - as long as he can choose the pages he wants to do and skip the ones he's not in the mood for. Works for me.

K has a great time at her sleepover. I picked her up around 3 and brought J to dance right afterward. They worked on some group numbers for Nationals, had a snack break, then Musical Theater class, and leaps-turn-kicks technique class. I went to work and B picked up J and then me at 9pm. Work is great - 6 of us did some more training tonight and we should be working at the next level by Saturday. I really enjoy it. It's different every day and I feel like I've learned so much in 5 weeks. And the extra money rocks, too!

I got a quick response to all the homeschool correspondence I sent last week. My letter states that everything is in compliance and J moves on to the next grade. I already typed out her (one-page!) 5th-grade IHIP, but I know now to wait to send it since they tend to "lose" things. I send the exact letters I linked in my sidebar (Sample Quarterly Report, Sample Annual Assessment, Sample IHIP, and Sample Letter of Intent). They're short, to the point, and in compliance with the regs. They're so easy (just change the dates - or new copy and paste for the IHIP) and take about 10 minutes from opening the document to sealing the envelope. I highly recommend sending out the minimum required. It's worth a shot and will save you so much stress.

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