Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I don't think I'm waiting until March. Today J got 2 tests back. She got a 41 on math and a 58 on Science. The math was timed, which J will not put any effort into. She knows all the math facts, but getting her to do 64 of them in 3 minutes aint happening for her. The Science test was worded weirdly on many questions. One asked to cross out the one circuit that won't work. She did that. She got -10 for not crossing out the other 5 that wouldn't work. J pointed out to me that the question asked for ONE. Other questions were just as frustrating. J is very literal and particular. When the questions are unclear, she probably panics.

The only reason I won't pull her out this week is because she is in the middle of a group project with one other girl. It would be unfair and I don't want J to burn any bridges with her friends. I think the project is due sometime in February, so we might wait until right after that's over. She's ready NOW. I'm ready now, B is ready now (he finally understands), and even my mom says now is the right time. I can see the frustration in J's eyes. She even hates being a Kindergarten monitor now. She wants to quit but they won't let her. I don't know what to do.

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