Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lotsa snow out there! Unfortunately, all the public schools are open tomorrow. The kids had fun making snow forts and rolling around in deep snow. I videotaped them like I promised. Soup and hot chocolate was waiting for them when they got in.

I had another rough time getting J to complete her homework for tomorrow. I try leaving the responsibility up to her, but when it starts getting late I get anxious about it. She, on the other hand, still couldn't care less about it. So, she did her page of penmanship and a 2-sided worksheet on an article from National Geographic Explorer. I read the article to her, since her reading comprehension isn't so great lately. She still couldn't remember a thing I read. She read me the first question on the sheet and gave me a huge blank stare. So, of course, I spent 15 minutes recapping the article and indirectly guiding her toward the answer until she finally got it. I hate doing that. I know if it was something she wanted to do she would've had it memorized after one reading.

I think she's having a geometry test tomorrow (which will most likely be cancelled since probably half the class and maybe even the teacher won't be able to get to school). We'll study a bit in the morning. Geometry is something that really clicks with J. She enjoys it and picks it up quickly. She did some more of that typing tutorial today as well as other CD roms she likes. She balked at my suggestion to do some independent reading, though. I don't know if I can wait until March to pull her out of school. She's part of a group project on the languages of Italy that's due in February and I have to let her do that or it would be unfair to her partner. Science fair is coming up too. She's doing one about bread mold. K will most likely do the same project since she's in a different school. It's easier to have only one experiment going on and they can chart their own observations and create their own different displays.

I'm really getting my home cleaned and organized lately! I am trying so hard to prove to myself and my family that I can do it. That is one of their biggest concerns with my homeschooling J - that my home is too cluttered and disorganized. Ok, so it's true. But, when I set my mind to something, it gets done. Many garbage and recycle bags later, it is looking pretty darn good around here!

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lizzie said...

Hi Citymom...

I'm thinking I'm giving you unsolicited advice..
sorry, but here goes. Quickly- you mil rocks. How wonderful for you. Anyway, with talking to J's teacher.. I would really encourage you not to discuss it. Not to be rude, not to ignore her, but the fact is, her methods aren't working for your daughter. You appreciate her concern, and 'all that she'd done for J', but you and your family have come to a decision that you know is the best one for J. I agree that it's important that the teacher know the truth. Not to slam her, but to possibly help her. Love your blog!