Monday, January 17, 2005


It snowed last night. A whole inch! So of course the first thing this morning the kids are begging to go outside and play in it. After breakfast they got dressed in full snowsuited regalia and B took them out. B is good like that. I am still sitting here in pjs and having coffee (lovingly brought to me by B). Most of that whole entire inch of snow was shoveled away already, but that's not stopping my kids! J even dressed her Bitty Twins in their snowsuits and brought them out. It snows once every few weeks in the winter here in NYC. Every fourth or fifth snowfall is big enough for the kids to really play in or the adults to complain about.

I started a Word document where I'm writing down every academic thing J does on her own. I figure I better start getting used to it since NY rules require things like a letter of intent, IHIP, quarterly reports, etc. I love keeping logs, though, so I was having fun. This weekend she spent a good amount of time on a foreign language CD-Rom and a beginner typing one. Last night she found a 3/4 grade Language arts workbook lying around (probably bought as summer bridge work for K a few years ago. It was completely unused, lol). She did 3 pages - on common, proper, and possessive nouns. She showed me when she was done and was really proud of herself. Now I'm sure the rest of the day will be spent forcing her to do the tons of homework she got this weekend and take 2 assigned online tests. Sigh.

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