Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Well, I did it. I told J's teacher that Friday is J's last day. I can't believe it. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeew! I feel so good about this. It was bothering me all week. She agreed that J was struggling and that the "top class" might suit her better (I think that's the only school around here that still does tracking). I explained a bit about how it's just the whole idea of structured learning isn't working for J and that 25 other kids is too distracting for her. She was actually great about it. I told her she was the best teacher J has ever had (this is true). She asked about the rules and of course brought up socialization. I told her not to worry.

So I also called the superintendent's office this morning. I needed to know the name of the person to send my letter of intent to. The man I spoke to was so nice and unbelievably supportive. I started explaining about J (why, I don't know - can't help it) and he agreed this might be the best thing for her - and to make sure I was doing this for the right reasons. I could have taken that the wrong way, but I understood his meaning. He said that now I am in charge of her education and agreed that some kids just don't fit into structured learning situations. The letter of intent passes by his desk and he said he'd look out for it. I told him that it'll probably be the only one he will get (haha), and he said, "NO, I RECEIVED FIVE THIS WEEK"!! Can you freakin' believe it?? I can't.

J told all her friends today. One mom even called me to talk about it. She's a teacher in J's school and had concerns, but understood. She will make sure her dd and J continue their friendship.

OMG, 2 more days of school! WOW

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