Monday, January 31, 2005

Today was our very first homeschooling day. We dropped off W at preschool and went to the supermarket. After that, we went out for breakfast as sort of a mini celebration. I let her watch tv at home while I cleaned. I figured she could just relax and veg-out the first day. At about 10:30am she shut the tv and printed out 3 worksheets from the computer on the solar system. She did all 3 sheets with help from a picture in an atlas. She was eager for me to check her work. We had to pick up W from school so I checked it and we talked about it on the way. When we were home, the kids had a few snacks and J found K's old "4th Grade in Review" workbook and did 10 Language Arts pages in a row - all correctly. I checked each page and she insisted I do it the "school way" with checks, Xs, and a grade at the top. She actually enjoyed doing that work. I didn't expect her to want to start "working" so soon. She definitely equates learning with school. I would like to get her out of that mindset and see her learning for the love of it.

We'll get there.

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