Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I dropped all 3 kids off to school today. B usually walks K to school and then goes a few more blocks to the subway to go to work, but since it was NINE degrees out this morning I drove her. We live too close to the school for her to qualify for a school bus. J felt better this morning. She remember that an outline for her Science Fair project was due today so she was on the computer at 7:30am. She also has a Science test today that she didn't study for. She never brought the books home last Friday. Oh well, not gonna stress. Since J is in a gifted program that is not in one of our zoned schools, she does qualify for the school bus. But, she is dead-set against that idea. Every time I mentioned it she looked at me like I was the worst mother in the world.

We might be able to actually attend some of our local HS group's get-togethers in the spring. They have scheduled trips to the Children's Museum, the Hall of Science, the Botanical Garden, and the Bronx Zoo. J's been to all those places already, but I think she will gain a new perspective going with HS families. I have so many ideas in mind, too. Manhattan is so full of places to go and I plan on hitting as many as I can! It's amazing how I've lived here all my life and only in my adulthood have I done any of the tourist-y stuff. I want the kids to experience a lot of it while their young. K has seen a few Broadway shows: Beauty and the Beast, Lion King and Movin' Out. We've been to the big Natural History museum and Central Park, and the American Girl store. We've seen several shows at Radio City Music Hall. Actually, J danced there and at Madison Square Garden last year!!

During the Christmas vacation, I took all 3 kids on the subway (I was nervous about that for a long time - I always drove in-, but realize it's not bad at all) to visit my mom's work. She works in the beautiful new Time Warner building in Columbus Circle right next to Central Park. There's a cute mall that goes up to the third floor of that building with stores like Williams Sonoma, Bose, and Coach. We all walked over to Rockefeller Plaza where the big Christmas tree was and watched the ice skaters a while. It was definitely tourist season alright. You could barely walk down the streets. It reminded me of changing classes in high school. LOL.

I think J is in store for many wonderful things.

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