Saturday, February 25, 2006

At dance today, they focused mainly on the new jazz dance. It's finished and all they have to do all week is clean it up. P decided to keep the forte turns in J's dance. She looked very comfortable with them today. At the break 3 of us moms decided to go to a diner around the corner. All the others heard we were there and showed up - so we had a big table for 10 kids and another for 7 moms about 20 feet away. We kept looking over to make sure the kids were ok and I was so impressed at how well they all behaved. They even came over to us with their coats on 15 minutes before we had to get back! (God forbid they should miss a minute of dancing! LOL.) It was wonderful seeing J laughing, singing, and eating with all her best friends. Then back at the studio they ran solos for about an hour. J and 4 others never want to leave so they went over their new number again by themselves.

K stayed home to finish up her math biography and science fair project. B helped her set up the experiment (cut flowers in different liquids) and K did all of the written work except for the data, results, and conclusion, which she'll finish up tomorrow.

I'm creating a plan in my head for this coming week. B wants to practice some catching, throwing, and hitting with W so he'll be ready for baseball. J wants to go back to the Japanese restaurant we went to a few weeks ago. She's also eager to have alone time so she can concentrate on some academic stuff. I was trying not to roll my eyes (and shake my head and smirk) today when some of the kids and moms at dance were complaining about all the work assigned over the vacation and how they'll spend all day tomorrow getting it all done. I think B, the kids, and I will go somewhere fun for the day.

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Patrice said...

Hahahaha. I hated day off school work. Glad we don't have to worry about it.