Friday, February 24, 2006

I see my first quote was quite a big hit in the blogosphere. I think I got about 115 hits today - probably from folks who wanted to see who the crazy lady was with the foul mouth. LOL. I might just make that quote my new blog title. Or maybe: Diary of a Bullshitless Education, or The Adventures of a No-Bullshit Homeschooler. ha ha ha

Anyhoo, J had solo practice this morning and group tech in the afternoon. The forte turns are coming along ok. P is going to see by tomorrow if J does them well enough to add them to her solo or just leave well enough alone. Tomorrow's rehearsal is 2 hours of group work, a break, then solo cleanup. Me and the other moms might go get a cocktail or two around the corner while the kiddies are dancing. Ahh, I love girl time.

K went to the movies today with Y (the NLBG from last year). I'm still not over how she treated K last year, but K says she's nice now and one of her best friends (ugh). They saw "When a Stranger Calls", which is PG-13. I thought it might be too scary, but K loves that sort of thing. She had a great time and this marks a milestone for her - her first movie without adult supervision.

On the way home, W said, "Mom, I want to look up dinosaurs on the computer with you and learn about their bones and fossils and other science stuff like planets and rain". So when we got home, we did. I love him.

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Susan said...

I love those, Mom can we look up.... moments. They are the best. My 3 yr old is now at mommy can I leanr my letters. There is just nothin better.

Patrice said...

That's what's fun about having them home--or at least fostering a home learning enviornment. You get to experience everything. Kewl!