Sunday, February 19, 2006

The girls woke up around 7:30, played for a bit, and B made everyone eggs, bacon, and bagels. J and S kept very busy reading the new Discovery Girls magazine, playing ball in the hallway, and dancing. At 1:00 we left for the Queens Museum. They have a Sunday drop-in art program for kids every week. W woke up with a headache and a fever so B stayed home with him. We got there a few minutes early so we checked out the NYC panorama and the Tiffany lamps again. The guide brought all of us over to an exhibit that was a bicycle attached to a cart full of various things (a printer, a can of beans, thermometers, books). J guessed it was a for a person traveling by bike across the country who packed everything he or she would need. She was right, actually, and the project was to create a miniature bicycle with fully-stocked cart attached out of pipe cleaners, buttons, beads, paper tubes, glue, tissue paper, and small cardboard boxes.

I have to say the girls had a blast. Even I got into it, creating my own masterpiece. The guides took so many pictures of our projects, that they finally asked us if we would mind posing in front of the original exhibit with them. The kids held their bikes/carts and sat for about 10 pictures, as I signed a release for the museum to use them in future promotional items.

We bought a few things in the gift shop and were about to leave when we spotted the "Art Zone" which was closed during the week when J and I were there. This was a nice red room with big bean bag chairs, a long desk filled with oaktag paper, crayons, and colorful tape. In a big stand next to the desk were bottle caps, confetti paper, foam cutouts, beads, tissue paper, and pipe cleaners. We spent another 30 minutes in there. K wrote her name on black paper with orange tape and J and S created large posters for the dance studio they plan to open together. I took a ton of pictures today - still with the disposable camera I bought. I'll scan them all this week.

We picked up some McDonalds, went home, and W still had a fever. After the girls ate, they played dollhouse, monkey-on-the-stairs (like monkey-in-the-middle, except, um, on the stairs), other ball games, watched a few minutes of The Sixth Sense, played V-Smile, and finished up their posters. S's mom came over about 8pm to pick her up. S didn't want to leave. *g* I'm actually looking forward to the next sleepover!

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Patrice said...

I'm glad they had such a good time. Sounds like it was fun. :)