Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's been a pretty uneventful couple of days. K and W went back to school. K's science fair project was complimented and she found out her first play rehearsal is this Saturday - the same day as J's competition in NJ (of course). W is getting his preK graduation photos done on Friday. He had to write his name for homework over and over on 5 big pieces of paper the teacher gave him. He was bored of it after one page, so that's all he handed in. I will never force him to do homework. I learned from experience that handing the responsibility over to the kids works wonders. I'm just there to give gentle reminders and help. The teachers gave him a happy face on it anyway. J had an added dance rehearsal at 4:15 where she got some good pointers on her solo and ran the new group number several times. Then both girls had Musical Theater class while W played cars and "homework" with N, J's friend's sister who is 7, and C, one of the boys on J's dance team who is 9. W can be very mature when playing with older kids. And yet he has recently started throwing full-blown temper tantrums at home. I guess that's better than the maturity at home and the tantrums out in public, right?

Today, J played a lot on the computer and read a couple of pages of her book. She spent at least a 1/2 hour sewing that yarn thing from Sunday and started playing with her "Bitty Twins" dolls again. W had hip-hop class today and had his best day ever. All the kids got to perform the whole number alone and when it was W's turn, he turned on the personality and lit up the room. Not a shy bone in his body, either. He needs a solo, that kid.

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