Saturday, February 18, 2006

B took J to dance at 2. I stayed home to clean the bathroom, swiffer, and put away several big piles of clean laundry. J's friend S is sleeping over tonight. She's such a pleasure to be around and I'm glad she and J are good friends. We had pizza, popcorn, cupcakes, watched a movie, and they watched old dance recital videos and painted their toes.

At dance today, P (J's solo coach) decided she wanted to put some forte turns into J's routine. She was surprised that J did them so well. J has another solo rehearsal Friday morning so I'll get to see them then. J's next competition comes with an all-day workshop. She loves those. B also took W this morning to sign him up for baseball. He needs cleats and a cup (That is so cute! I had no idea what that meant at first. I was thinking that I'd just give him bottled water, what does he need a cup for. Hey, I had 2 girls first, ya know. So that's my big "duh" for the day).

While K and I were discussing the rules of multiplying and dividing negative and positive numbers the other day, J was listening and picked up the concept. K is doing algebra now, but did poorly on the last test only because of calculating errors - she totally understood the algebra part, though. So, later on, J asked me to give her more math examples. I gave her a bunch like 32/-8 = x and 7(-3) = x. We also talked about addition and subtraction using negative numbers. She gets it. And I told K that I could help her with math up to the college level, so she better not hesitate to ask me. Besides, I think I could explain it better (in K's way of learning) than a teacher could.

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