Tuesday, February 14, 2006

J spent time doing her Bridge workbook today. The first part was on capitalized days and months. She did the whole thing in cursive, and I saw that she found a handwriting page online to remind her how to make certain capital letters (like "D"). The next section was all about rocks. She defined all the types of rocks by looking up the words: igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, etc. Then, all of a sudden she was begging to go back to the Hall of Science. I told her that since we just went there a month ago, there aren't any new exhibits and she'd be seeing the exact same stuff. She was almost in tears about it. She also wanted to go back to the Japanese restaurant we ate at last week. I promised her we would, but tomorrow, not today. Again, she got annoyed at me. I think she's still tired or something. She went to sleep very early tonight.

W had dance class this evening and the girls came with us. W did great again and the teacher for the next class told me she can't believe he does so well at so young an age. I think he wants to take tap next year (and in case you're wondering, he is as tough and masculine as they come, lol). He even said he wouldn't mind if there are mostly girls in the class because he'd be "older" then (I don't get it either). Some of J's friends were there today and she danced and played with them in the back dressing room. K hung out with the older girls (teens) who were lamenting about Valentine's Day and talking about the weekend's competition. Speaking of V-Day, K received gifts from 3 boys today (WTF?!?!?). I hate middle school more and more every day.

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Patrice said...

LOL! Boys already? I remember being in JHS and most of the girls wanted boyfriends but didn't have them. Most wanted to wear make up but didn't either, just big 80's hair.

Sounds to me like J needs an adventure. Hmmm, maybe you could set up some sort of scavenger hunt and get to the "goal" when W goes to school? It actually might be a fun way just to go to the Japanese restaurant when you are ready to go back. :)

NYCitymomx3 said...

J is just really enjoying experiencing the whole world, that she never wants it to end. She loves being out there DOING stuff. I'm working on it, lol.