Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's been a bit chilly in NY, so our plans to get into Manhattan are slow going. It's not a good idea to make these plans on the days J has dance at 4:30. I know she'll be tired. And W will probably be able to walk about 4 blocks before he starts whining to be carried. He's too big for a stroller, but to little for long walks. It's hard to make plans with 3 kids, lol.

So we ended up staying home :(

K and W stayed at MIL's house while I brought J to technique class. They worked on barrel turns, scissor leaps, and several things I can't pronounce nor spell right. They learned a new jazz number over the weekend and all the kids want it to go out on this upcoming competition. The teacher believes they may be able to pull it off. The parents aren't so sure. That would mean a mad rush to get the costumes fitted, sewn, and stoned by next weekend. I wonder what they'll decide.

K is working on a science fair project that's due Monday. She hasn't even chosen a topic yet. SIGH. W is doing lots of reading, writing, drawing, and playing this week. He has to write his name over and over again for homework. How boring. He decided to change his name to "Lion". He picked "Pumpkin" for J, and "Gorilla" for K. K wasn't amused. We ate dinner over MIL's house tonight. I swear she just does not like me. I think she's just about had it with the fact that J's homeschooling and whenever I talk about J's dancing, she is uninterested and almost resentful or something. WTF?


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Susan said...

My MIL and I do not get along at all. She really hates the fact that we are homeschoolong. She insists that the kids will miss out on too much. Oh well I don't care what she thinks. Good luck with your MIL!! Mine is a lost cause. :-)

Patrice said...

This is your MIL reading, put my Grandbaby in school! ROFL~ Just kidding. You think she'd be interested in the dance. If J were my grandbaby (like I'm old enough to have one--ROFL!) I would be interested. Ah well, her loss.

Gorilla. hahahahhaha