Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I spoke too soon. B stayed home today feeling very nauseous and crappy.

Yesterday J and I played for almost an hour on aaamath.com converting decimals to fractions and vice-versa. Like, what's the decimal for 6/18 or 12/30. She and K had Musical Theater at 5:30 and I stayed in the car with a sleeping W, reading more of the Unschooling Handbook. I love reading that over and over. I still love TTLHB, but I know most of it won't be applicable to J for at least 5 years.

Today, we walked W to school and checked out the trees on the way back. There are these little buds on them that I never really noticed before. J can't wait for spring when the buds will grow the new leaves. We stopped at the store and J bought herself some chips and ate them at home while she painted with watercolors in her sketchbook. W had dance in the evening and was complimented on doing things correctly. He really adores the teacher and tries to look just like him when he dances. W was performing better today than a few of the 10 year-olds. J and K came with us - they obviously can't be there enough.

4 days until competition!

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