Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ok, so I came up with some of my own homeschooling quotes. Let me know what you think.

Homeschooling - An education without the bullshit.
(bullshit = cliques, busywork, bullies, conformity, teacher criticism and humiliation, tedium, rigid rules, and control over when you can eat, go to the bathroom, play, and learn)

Unschooling - an education through two "I"s: Interest and Involvement.
("eyes", get it?)

Well, I was sitting alone in the car with W sleeping while J and K were down at dance and I had nothing to do but think. That's what popped into my head.

K was looking around online for science fair ideas and I swear I almost lost it today. All of a sudden I got so angry at the ridiculousness of this. She couldn't care less about the science fair. She isn't going to learn anything from it - no one really does. And why do they have to demand work from kids while they're on freakin' vacation? Now I have to go and spend money on a display board and the tons of supplies she needs. I would rather spend money on something she is really interested in that she wants to research further. Not something rushed to get a good grade on that she'll forget by next week. A few science fairs ago she got points off her project because she drew a graph rather than make it on a computer. That's a great way to encourage learning and make the kids feel good about all the work they did, huh?

J had some intense dance today. The teacher is including lots of brand new moves in this new number. J does a scissor leap across the stage at one point - she just learned that last week. The teacher also wants J to do forte turns at some point - I'm pretty sure J is the only one who can do them in her group. J's so excited for the next competition. It's in New Jersey and we'll be staying over at a hotel 2 nights. Some parents complain about all the money involved with dance, but I really enjoy it. These competition weekends are like a family vacation for us. Give my kids a hotel with a pool (and a bar for me!), a great dance show to watch with kids you love performing their hearts out, tons of best friends to be with the whole weekend, and none of us can ask for much more.

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Anonymous said...

Fuete. I know. Too picky.

Patrice said...

Hahaha, I always hated science fairs. So I never did the assignments. Hahahaha