Sunday, February 12, 2006


Ok, so the 2 day competition was squeezed into one day due to the blizzard we got here in NY. I think Central Park was up to 22 inches last time I checked. J was supposed to do her solo on Sunday, but did it on Saturday which gave me one less day of anxiety, which was good. J did better than I'd ever seen her before. She scored a High-Gold and won a special award for Best Hair and Makeup. Her 3 group numbers also all won High-Gold and 2 of them were among the top 10 best of the day. J was also chosen to be a part of a special dance team run by the competition company. She got a one-year contract and will get a photo-shoot and portfolio, learn 5 new fully choreographed routines, career counseling, and will perform in 3-8 shows and performances throughout the year (like theme parks, sport stadiums, state fairs, etc). 2 others on her team were chosen, too, as well as 8 of the older kids from J's studio. So all in all J came away with 2 medals, 4 High-Gold ribbons, and a congratulatory certificate and contract for the performance team. What a day!

My mom came and got to see all the excitement. After one of the award ceremonies, she did us a favor and took W home with her. I was glad about that since he was so bored, but I knew that meant I would probably end up staying over her house. And that's where we are. It's STILL snowing and I'm just praying we don't have to stay here yet another night. I wanted to pick W up and try driving us all home, but it was very dark, 11pm, blizzarding, and my car had a crappy windshield wiper on my side, and we were sliding around the road a bit. I finally resigned myself to the fact that I just couldn't make it home safely in those conditions. It doesn't look like we'll be leaving here today either. (Big loud heavy sigh). It's very pretty out, though. And it doesn't bother me a bit that the kids might miss school tomorrow, lol.

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