Friday, February 03, 2006

Ok, so we're on rounds 3 and 4 with this stomach virus. W started puking last night around midnight and woke up puking with a fever. K called me at 10am from school to come pick her up. She's been puking since she got to school. I cancelled J's solo lesson this morning and the sleepover with S. Well, I'm glad we're all getting this now than for next week's competition. I told B to prepare himself, cuz he's probably next.

There's a dance studio fund raiser tomorrow night so we're dropping the kids off at my mom's so B and I can both go. It's a pain in the ass driving an hour all the way out to Long Island and then back early the next morning, but B and I never go anywhere alone together and I'm sure it'll be worth it. The fundraiser is at a pub and there will be food, discounted drinks, and game called "LCR" where most of the fundraising money will come from.

I did over an hour of costume (touch-up) sewing yesterday while J watched an online video called Growth of a Nation. She also spent some time looking through a new dictionary and thesaurus (she said she just wanted to look up words) and did a language arts page in her bridge workbook before I needed her to come over and try things on. I was so happy to get most of the sewing done! I was also happy to get the green return-receipt card back from the sup't office - signed and everything!! That's a first! I took it and the certified receipt and stapled them to a copy of the quarterly I sent. Now, they usually send me a checklist with everything I sent checked off. Let's see if I get that (didn't get one last quarter).

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