Saturday, June 11, 2005

The doctor yesterday said everything looks great with the surgery site. A little swelling still left, but that should go away soon. After that we went to get J new tap shoes and exchange a ripped dance bag. It kills me to spend $71 on tap shoes she may not even need next year. Anyway, then we stopped at the bank and went to pick up K. She came out of school crying again - yes, because of Crazy Nutjob Girl (who has now been promoted to Nasty Little Bitch Girl - NLBG). It seems she is telling everyone that K lied about so-and-so which is not true but they all think it is so now all of her "friends" turned against her, yada yada yada. Same old story again. There's not much I can do here. Can't wait til school's out!

So K sulked all afternoon while J was at dance class. MIL was not feeling well, so all the kids had to come with me. They ran the finale a few times and the Friday number. I think we're ready. At home, K had a long phone conversation with NLBG and came out of it happy and dancing around the room. I don't know.

All of J's paperwork is ready and about to be mailed - the 4th quarterly report, annual assessment, and the LOI and IHIP for 4th grade. B keeps forgetting to sign it and it's due the 15th. I hate doing this last minute.

I found something online called "lapbooks". Those look like so much fun and something J might want to make. I'm thinking that with her huge interest in geography, that she can make a fun lapbook out of the things she's learned or would like to learn. Since it's a lot of arts and craft, I think she may go for it. Of course in an unschooling, just-a-suggestion kind of way ;D

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