Thursday, April 20, 2006

At dance class yesterday, J practiced her song that she'll be singing in the recital. It'll be cool because the spotlight will only be on the 2 girls singing - with another girl doing a lyrical dance. Then it segues into the rest of the song with the whole company dancing. They worked on that for 2 hours. In the meantime, W had baseball and his team lost 12-0! The coach had mentioned last time that the other team's coach ended up taking all the 6 y/os who were with him last year and our team has all the first-year 5 y/os who are just learning the game. It's not fair, but W has fun and that's all that matters. He did decide he was finished half way through and wanted to go home, but the coaches convinced him to get back on the field.

I dropped K off at her friend's house this afternoon. They worked on a science project about the human body and went to the park across the street. I dropped J off at dance and took W to his baseball game - it's a makeup game since Saturday's was rained out. He played on the other team today (different team than yesterday's) since they were a plaer short, lol, and got a hit which allowed a player to run home. W was so pleased with himself and now I think he'll be more into the game. He even had to call Grandpa when he got home to tell him the good news (Grandpa is a very big baseball fan. His entire basement is decorated in Yankees memoribilia and his first gift for W at 3 months old was a baseball glove). W made it through the whole game today without walking off once - woohoo! He's also making some good friends on this team. I may sign him up for the fall league as well.

I ordered "Algebra Workbook for Dummies" for J. She didn't like the fact that the authors have to be so rude as to call people "dummies", but I explained the whole concept behind the "For Dummies" books, lol. We looked at it together and she liked the sample pages that were shown and really seemed to understand it in the way it was presented, so I got it for her. She's picked up simple algebra (8y-6=26, 7xyz+9xyz=16xyz, absolute value, etc) so quickly already that I'm curious to see where this book will take her.

I've been reading Grimm's Fairy Tales to the girls at night ("complete and unabridged"!!). The less well-known stories are pretty odd and full of characters meeting their demise in terribly gory ways, but the girls enjoy them. I like the old language in the stories (e.g. "This deed of thine shall cost thee all thou art worth!"). Unfortunately, W falls asleep early and misses the readalouds, but I try and make it up to him during the daytime with stories of his choice. He likes the I Spy books lately, as well as beginner readers.

Oh, and I had to get rid of the tagboard - it was acting weird and not loading right. So I guess that means y'all gotta leave me a COMMENT instead!! ;-)

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Patrice said...

Ooh I missed the tag board. LOL! Too much Sims for me. ROFL! Ooh, Grimm's. :) I apporve. ROFL! Algebra, yuck! Took me forever to pass that and to this day I still hate it. hahahah