Friday, April 14, 2006

Mom came early to pick up K to bring her to work. B went a long for the ride, too, since his building is on the way to mom's. J, W, and I stayed in bed til after 8. W found a box downstairs that I was supposed to send my computer back in (we decided not to, since the weird noise we kept hearing was only a build-up of dust in the fan - fixed it ourselves). He took out the foamy plastic inserts, popped them apart, and used them as building blocks. Then he and J colored all over the box and did a puppet show for me - "Oobi" style with pompom eyes on their hands, lol. Later on, J asked to do some algebra again.

It rained a lot today, so our outing plans were cut back to just grocery shopping. I did great - a whole week's worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and drinks for $104. I'm getting better with the budget.

K had a great day with grandma. As I suspected she bought K tons of clothes and a couple pairs of shoes. K is sleeping over there tonight. My sister is taking her into the Village tomorrow for a yoga class, lunch, and um, more shopping. They know K's having some stress with schoolwork and feel that maybe she just needs more attention - because J is getting a lot more attention with homeschooling and dance. I understand that. I also want to plan a 1-on-1 day with K in the near future. We need to reconnect.

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Patrice said...

I love one on one's. I hope you get to have one with K soon.