Wednesday, April 26, 2006

J slept til 10am this morning. In my previous life I would have cringed if I heard someone tell me that. But J expends so much energy during the day, that I know she needs the sleep. And she's asleep before 10pm every night. I know the amount of sleep she gets has a direct affect on how focused she is during the day. But that's probably true for all of us, I guess. She gets up fine, though, when she has somewhere to go early in the morning.

Speaking of which, she and K will be going to work with B in the morning. It's "Take Your Kid to Work Day" (or something like that). His company makes a great day out of it, so the girls are really looking forward to it. W has a trip tomorrow. He decided to take the schoolbus with his friends (ugh) and I'll drive myself there. B and the girls should get home around 3ish.

Today, W brought me a couple of books to read to him. He listens very intently to a story - unlike J at that age, who asked about 50 questions before I could get to the third page. After school, we went to the playground by our house (we're all sick of the one by school) and he found his soccer buddy again. They had their scooters again and we all got cups of lime shaved ice again. We picked up K after that and I dropped the girls off at dance class (J has the class, K hangs out) and brought W to baseball. B got there at 6 and I headed back to dance to get the girls. They were all having pizza and cupcakes to celebrate a birthday. We got back to the ballfield at around 7 and the game was just finishing up. W hurt his hand and refused to play the last half-hour. He is slowly getting better and better at the game, but still prefers tackling the other kids, playing with the dirt, or throwing his glove and cap high in the air. These kids are really funny to watch.


Patrice said...

For some reason I can't get past Lime shaved ice. Yum. Odd that I read this, I was having deep thoughts today as to why lots of candies--like jellybeans, etc, are changing their once lime candies to green apple. I like green apple alright, but I LOVE lime. :)

NYCitymomx3 said...

LOL. I love that we have icee trucks and carts EVERYWHERE in the city. The shaved ice has become my favorite. The guy literally shaves a cups worth of ice from a huge ice block and pours lime something over the top and puts a straw in. You can't beat it.