Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This morning W, J, and I played a great few games of Go-Fish. W learned the game at 2-years-old and it's still one of his favorites (that and Battleship). We also played with his letter tiles and he made words with the single letters and decoded the words I made with multi-letter blends (like "ight" and "ish"). He had a party today in school and they made Easter baskets filled with candy and chips. He stayed home from school yesterday because PreK had another trip to that bad neighborhood to see another bad show. I was not chosen to chaperone again, and I experienced how much of a disaster the last trip was, so - nope.

I went to an online textbook website to see what they had and looked at some algebra ones. I have always loved algebra and I want to relearn it and see how far into advanced math I can get. J asked about it and I told her that algebra is a math puzzle where you have to get "x" by itself (or as close to it as you can) in order to find out what it is. Then you can check if you're right by plugging your answer into the original problem and see if both sides of the equal sign are the same. We looked at the given problem which was a big one: 0.5 + (4x+3)/2 = 1.5+x. We went through the steps and checked it, and she thought it was amazing. I purposely showed her a hard one so that "smaller" problems would be easier. aaamath.com has algebra games where you type in the answer and it tells you if you're correct. She couldn't get enough. We went to the "2-step" equations page and she must have solved about 100 of them - in her head, and all correctly (such as: 9x-8=64 and 7x-6=36). She really got giddy and kept saying "ok, one more" about 8 times. She's eager to get to harder equations.

We hit the playground for a while after picking up W. He and J found some friends and had fun in today's beautiful weather. And each had a cone of chocolate-chip ice cream from the icee cart lady. W had a baseball game today AND hip-hop class at the same time tonight. He chose dance - which I'm glad about since the recital is coming up and he's a key figure in the number. In baseball, they are still a bit disorganized and W gets bored after 20 minutes. And besides, he has games twice a week. B took him and the girls while I stayed home and got ready for choir practice. My friend and I joined a choir just for Easter week. We know all the alto harmonies since we were in a different choir for over 10 years. Most of the songs are the same. It should be fun, but neither of us want to go back after the holiday.

I called the sup't office today and found out that the student Metrocard is good for 3 ROUND trips! Woohoo! I see lots of Manhattan in our future!


Patrice said...

How cool about the Metrocard. I miss public transportation so much. On a boring day, I would take my oldest, then my oldest and 2nd to Manhattan to see my Mother or Husband. We'd go early, hang out, look around, walk around having fun and then go up to the office. I miss that.

NYCitymomx3 said...

I know. I love doing that. And it's even better that we can still do that past school-age, not just when the kids are toddlers