Sunday, April 02, 2006

CCD this morning was weird. J was a bit shocked at the content of today's lesson. She said they talked about the 6th commandment, focusing on sexuality. She said "it really wasn't appropriate for children". I asked her to please elaborate and she mentioned things like spouses cheating on each other. I don't know what to make of it since she said it wasn't appropriate. Ugh. K's class isn't much better. Last week they were reprimanded for being unruly and were told their teacher wasn't coming back and they would have to be taught by the monsignor - during the week when he wasn't busy. Yeah right, like I can swing that. The teacher was there today, though, and all the class did was color an Easter picture. These 12-year-olds are really learning a lot (sigh). Do I need this? Do they?

I went to a church choir practice (different church) this morning with a couple of friends. We're going to sing with them at the Good Friday and Easter Vigil masses. It was my first time there and the choir director was great. He's a "Broadway guy" (reminds me of Jack from Will and Grace), big in the theater business and friends with big names (like Kristen Chenowith). One of his other friends who was in Footloose (the B'way musical) is coming down to sing with us, too. Cool. It was good to see my friends (M and L) after a long time. I need to get out with them more.

I cleaned for the rest of the afternoon while B took the kids to the park for a couple of hours. It was a really nice day out. When they came back, B went out to barbecue while the kids played in the backyard with our new neighbor's Golden Retriever. J and W rode their scooters and bikes. W still wears his Heely's every day, lol. K had fun, too, but came up to chat away on the phone while finishing up some homework. After dinner, the girls played on the computer together and talked on the phone to a girlfriend from dance for over an hour. I feel I got a lot of cleaning done this weekend. I'm curious to see what projects J wants to do during the week. When there's no clutter around, her creative juices go into over drive.

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