Saturday, April 01, 2006

W had his first baseball game today! It was just a practice game, as the season doesn't officially start until April 8th. There will be 2 games a week from now on. They won't have regular practices because they feel the kids learn a whole lot more by actually playing a game - especially at this age. W played shortstop today. The kids were so funny. Most played with the dirt and hit each other with their gloves, lol. He got a hit and made it to home plate with the next batter. He felt like taking a break halfway through and sat out on the bleachers with his sisters. The coach got him back on the field, though. W will listen to the coaches (moreso than B and me). It was a 2 hour game and of course all the rules were bent. An inning was over when all the kids got a turn to bat. Some parents helped the kids bat the ball. And once the coach kick a foul ball back into play so the kid could run to the base. It was fun and the kids really learned a lot about fielding.

I went out tonight to a Park Lane jewelry fundraiser at the dance studio. It was nice. There was beer and wine and lots of snacks. The jewelry was beautiful, but nothing wowed me. I'm not really a jewelry person. I did end up buying a pair of earrings and an ankle bracelet for myself. The fun part for me is just hanging out and talking with everyone.

I'm trying to come up with a loose plan for this week. J has a playdate with her homeschooled friend, G on Monday. I want to get to the library and the eye doctor at some point. There's dance practice and another baseball game, a couple of homeschool group events, and Friday we leave for another weekend dance competition.

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