Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So, K is back to school. The took her cell phone today and a notice went out that they're getting metal detectors installed. Lovely.

W has been bringing his Gameboy to school - the teachers don't care. They say it's ok, since it's for show-and-tell. They are going on a trip on Thursday. I wasn't picked as a chaperone, so I'll just drive myself (along with W and J). W isn't thrilled with the run-down school buses anyway. He got his PreK graduation pictures back today. He is absolutely gorgeous, as usual, but they dressed him in a horrible white cap and gown - with baby blue BOW TIE - and he's holding a rolled up piece of paper tied with baby blue ribbon (oh and the cap has baby blue tassle). W told me everyone wore the same cap for their picture. Ewww.

J and I have been having relaxing days at home. She is all into making lunch for us brought out on a serving tray. She's been keeping busy with her websites and even helped me with my blog template a bit. We went to the playground the last 2 days - yesterday by school and today by home. Yesterday, W made two new friends and played swordfight, cutting off each others head and stuff. Then I dropped K off at Musical Theater class (J didn't feel like going) and brought W to baseball. He got 2 hits!

Today, he made a new friend and they kicked a soccer ball around for a long time. I got the kids shaved-ice icees from the snack truck and they both had their scooters. W hates that his has "training wheels". It's actually just a 3-wheeled scooter. He's very coordinated and I should probably give him K's old Razor scooter and ditch the 3-wheeled one. J made a few friends today and they played jumprope. K had play practice til 5 then when B got home at 6, he took all of them to W's hip-hop class. I got to have 1.5 hour break from the family (lol) that I spent emptying and reloading the dishwasher, putting on laundry, and straightening up. I have a killer headache tonight.

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Patrice said...

Ick, no fun having a break when you actually have to do "boring necessary stuff" LOL! And no fun having a headache to boot.

Eew with that hat thing, hasn't anyone ever heard of head lice? Eep! And ick with metal detectors. I never liked that. I was so glad when I was in school we never had them. I'm not sure how it is down here in TN, and I hope I never have to find out--tee hee. Although if my sister-in-law had her way, the kids would be off to Catholic school (which I have nothing against except even though it's cheap it means another bill we're not willing to take on and a lifestyle change which I'm not willing to take one. Sigh, "they're so smart, they shouldn't be denied a good education" My answer "they're getting the best private school education and it's free" Thank God I didn't try to go into unschooling b/c she got upset when I told her testing is required for I think 4th or 5th and 8th grades, but there is a way around it and I don't believe in testing. Good thing I like her. LOL! But off my tangents. ROFL!

Yay for the 2 hits!