Wednesday, April 05, 2006

W was off from school today so he, J, and I went out to our favorite Japanese restaurant. W loved it! He ate a bowl of miso soup (tofu & seaweed), gyoza (shrimp dumplings), and some chicken teriyaki with rice. While we were waiting for the food, J and W went over to the sushi bar where a man was cutting stuff up. they watched for a while and W asked him some questions. The woman that worked there started telling them about salmon and sharks and W asked more questions, LOL. The old me would have made sure they stayed in their seats and stopped bothering people, but I have really let go of a lot of that over the past year. It was wonderful to let them indulge their natural curiosity. And they seemed to really entertain the staff! They came back over after about 10 minutes and W behaved like a perfect gentleman throughout the entire lunch. I was so proud of them.

Today and tomorrow's dance classes for J will be a "boot-camp" according to the studio owner. They are tweaking several of the dances and fixing up lots of technique. So they'll be there for an extra hour each day. It'll work out great for me tomorrow since W has a baseball game at 5 - and thankfully it'll be a nice 55 degree, sunny day. K wants a few friends over on Friday before the Spring Dance, so she's been cleaning up in there all evening. B had a business dinner tonight at Victor's Cafe - and brought us all home some! I love Cuban food!

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