Sunday, April 23, 2006

It was a rainy, yucky day today. B took all the kids to CCD class and then to the supermarket. J asked to go to church, but we all got up late and then I guess we all just forgot about it. Isn't that terrible? My poor J wants to go to church and her parents aren't making enough effort to get her there. I'll make sure she gets to go next week. K has confirmation prep class that start an hour earlier than her CCD class so we have no excuse not to go to church for the next 4 weeks at least. I'm definitely not a good religious example for my kids. I can even take her during the week if she'd like.

School vacation is officially over. I took the girls to the mall yesterday. K met a few friends and J and I met up with K about an hour later. Earlier that day, I heard K tell her friend on the phone that she doesn't want to go back to school Monday and that she's enjoying her time at home. Did I really hear that? K would never say that to me directly - she thinks I'll jump at anything just to homeschool her. Of course that might just be what every schooled kid says at the end of their vacation. Who knows. I really loved having her home this week, though. After the initial few days of terrible sibling fights, they all got along pretty well. K has been so loving the Grimm readalouds at night, too (we both wonder how many grisly deaths we'll come upon each night). J falls asleep after the first story, but K asks for at least 2 more. I can't wait til school's out for the summer.


Patrice said...

Fingers crossed that after some time away from school to think K may want to be homeschooled. Do your groups do events during the summer? Maybe that would help her to see the other side from another perspective than in her own family.

NYCitymomx3 said...

I hope my group does summer activities. I'd like to get in as much as we can. I know they're having something of a summer camp for ages 5 & up (I'll see if W wants to do that). J will have tons of dance all June and July. And K will have dance classes a couple of times a week as well - for the summer program. In August we hit a theme park a week. I know K loves being out of school and doing stuff with us. We'll see what happens.