Thursday, April 06, 2006

W didn't feel like going to school today. It really is ok with me. I guess he just had so much fun yesterday, he expected every day to be like that. We went down to the (bum bum buuuuum) school regional office today. I swear these people take themselves WAY too seriously. I had to show ID and fill out a form for a security guard, get yelled at because he thought my kids pushed the red alarm button in the elevator - when it was actually someone who was stuck in the adjoining elevator (!), fill out another form upstairs in order to see Mr. D, then wait over 25 minutes for him to get back to me in regard to my quarterly report. Then wait another 15 minutes to get J's Metrocard (subway pass), because the woman with the key where they are locked away safely had an asthma attack right there in front of me. And there was another security guard up there doing nothing but sitting in a chair with an annoyed look on her face. Meanwhile, all the employees were walking around handing out plates of birthday cake to each other right in front of everyone in the waiting area. The receptionist asked me FOUR times who I was there to see. I finally got the Metrocard and my quarterly report "acknowledgement" and left (with both kids panicking that we'd get stuck in the elevator). Holy shit. I cannot believe our city schools are being run by these people. There was not one friendly person there. What really sucks is that I have to go down there 2x a year to get a new Metrocard. I guess it could be worse. I got the kids each a hotdog from the corner streetcart and we were on our merry way.

I picked up K, dropped both girls off at the dance studio and took W to his baseball game. They eschewed the game and decided that a long practice would be better today. W played shortstop again, catching ground balls batted to him by the coach, and threw them all to first base. After 2 hours we drove out to pick up the girls. J said she did some singing today. She and another girl are singing in the recital together which will segue into the production finale number. I wish I was there to see that.

Tomorrow we leave for the competition! We'll probably go around 9pm - right after K's school dance. I need to go through all the costumes and supplies tomorrow, fix what needs to be fixed, and buy anything we ran out of last time. K wants to bring a few girls over after school to change for the dance, so I will be cleaning tomorrow, too. Thank God B is off from work. I'll be back Sunday night!

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