Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm trying to stay off the computer lately and be more involved with everything else in my life. Especially the kids. They're all old enough to not need me keeping them busy, and sometimes I will use that as an excuse to blog and read message boards for 2 hours. Although I love the computer, I can't believe how fast time goes by when I'm on it. So, I've decided to limit my computer time to when the kids are either sleeping or not home - but I'll still get a blog post in at least every other day!

Yesterday, J said, "Do you know why spring and summer are my favorite seasons?".
Me: "No, why is that?"
J: "Because of all the flea markets. Why is it called 'flea markets', anyway? It's such a weird name. Lets look it up!"

She has been looking things up more and more lately. One of the things I've always read about unschoolers is that they become very good at finding their own answers to things. Not only that, but unschoolers are known to be very creative, independent, and have a great sense of self. I see all of these in J. A year or so ago, she was such a different person. I'm excited about having W home, too. Even though his preschool is play-based and only 2.5 hours a day, I see the toll it takes on him. His attitude stinks and he is so grouchy! He wants to finish out the year and "graduate", and that's fine, but then we begin our homeschooling adventure!


Patrice said...

So W will definitely be homeschooled? Kewl! I totally agree with you about the computer thing, but my kids are younger, 2, 4 and 6, so I can't be sneaking back here to have fun on the computer unless I'm doing something they like on here.

My obession (The Sims) has made my 6 year old definitely not want to go to school. LOL! She is afraid of grades. In the game, if the kid does poorly, they get sent to military school and she's afraid bad grades mean that. I told her it doesn't, and I got "F's" later on when I stopped caring about school, and I didn't go to military school. It made me laugh though, bad, I know.

NYCitymomx3 said...

As far as things stand now, W will definitely be homeschooled. the only thing that would satnd in the way would be if he is adamant about going to school. He's a tough nut to crack sometimes and I never know what he really wants. I hate that school is so idealized on tv and kids really think that's how it is. But if I talk to W about homeschooling I'm almost positive it's what he'll want.