Friday, April 21, 2006

I took all the kids to my eye doctor appointment this afternoon. I got new glasses and contact lenses and so did K. W Heely'd around the place and I couldn't even go to him since I was nearly blind after removing my lenses and being examined. He was well-behaved, though - just active. We went for Japanese food after that. K hasn't had the chance to go with us before, so I thought it would be a nice idea. It's amazing how much my kids can eat. The woman remembered us. Everything W did and said cracked her up. She gave him a new food to try and he liked it - I think she said it was some sort of mushroom dish. W likes going over to talk with her and see the colorful sushi display. I love that place.

I dropped K off at her friend's house and took J to dance. I talked with a couple of the other girls at the studio about the Team Rave performance dance troupe J will soon be a part of. She was picked for it back at a February competition and there's a long weekend rehearsal coming up next month. They'll learn 5 numbers, have a photoshoot, and perform throughout the year in venues like Six Flags, South Street Seaport, and Giants Stadium. It sounds so exciting!

I took W to the playground for a while and he immediately befriended a few kids and they all made water balloons with the park fountain. Thankfully, no one got too wet because they were careful to throw them at the ground. I picked up J (and drove her friend, S, home), then picked up K, and headed home. It worked out well that K's friend's house is 5 minutes away from the dance studio. K said they went to the park, ate some snacks, and finished up their science project. At home the kids watched High School Musical (again!!) and danced and sang along. I'll be going in to read them some more Grimm's in a few minutes.


Patrice said...

Team Rave sounds like fun. Will they be getting paid too? Wahh, I miss the seaport. Sigh. I always notice I post more when I'm homesick. I think b/c my sister is coming down in June after not seeing us since New Years 2005. I miss my NY family. Ah well.

Mmm, sushi. My son (who's 4) is weird and LOVES Wasabi. hahahaha

NYCitymomx3 said...

No, no pay, but it's a great thing to have down as experience. You have to make a point to visit NY at least 3x a year. This way you won't feel so homesick. LOL

Patrice said...

Hahaha, I will have to come back later and write more, but that would entail getting a part time job with a good airline that has total flight benefits--or a lottery win. ROFL! Now if I could get a part time job with Frontier or something, I could fly free and get my fix. LOL! But we're going to at least try for this Christmas. It's been way too long. Last time we were up our 2 year old was 2 1/2 months! Eep.

BTW, that is great experience. I had such a hard time writing up a resume when I was going for my first job, it's nice to get things going early and have fun and experience too!