Thursday, April 27, 2006

The girls had a wonderful time today at B's work. They spent the whole day on a different floor than B doing activities centered around the advertising/media business. They also played mini-golf, made banana splits, and got to take home a huge bag of goodies (beach towel, cup insulators, stuffed animals, a DVD, frisbees, and tattoos)

W went on his class trip - I stayed home. I kept going back and forth in my head as to whether or not I should go, but ultimately I decided that he doesn't need me holding his hand all the time. He didn't care either way. I picked him up at 1, as the kids came off the bus. All the kids got a box of Peeps to take home with them (leftover from Easter I guess). Then we went to the eye doctor and I picked up my and K's new glasses. I wear contact lenses, but I like glasses for at night in the house (K, too). W made a nice little house out of the trifolded pamphlets and played with some girl's Pomeranian puppy. We soon found out he's allergic to those dogs when his eyes got all red, itchy, and swollen and his face was full of hives. UGH. He washed up and put cold wet paper towels on his face which stopped the itching a bit. After that, we walked around the neighborhood - big shopping area (I bought a new pocketbook) - and drove to get some lunch.

B and the girls were home when we got back and B took them out to dance. W and I played with Play-Doh and he took a long bath to get any remaining Pomeranian off him.

I found a great new site that give a big list of what's going on for kids in NYC. I'm adding it to my sidebar! NYCKIDSARTS


Patrice said...

Yick, I'm allergic to dogs as well (except my dog, he has hair not fur) so I feel his pain. Ick. I hate allergies. Now I'm going to have to check out that site, and I'm homesick back and forth again. Wahh. Ah well. If we moved back, I'd be homesick for Nashville too, so I guess I can't win. Hi! Missed reading you.

Patrice said...

BTW, sounds like the girls had a fun time. :)

NYCitymomx3 said...

It is really so great to "see" you again Patrice! I was wondering where you've been! you can just get you NYC fix from me. I'm not going anywhere, lol.