Tuesday, October 04, 2005

At around noon we drove into Manhattan instead of taking the subway. It only took 10 minutes, but attempting to find a parking spot near the Museum of Natural History was a joke. I ended up in a lot 2 blocks away which ended up costing me $27. The subway would have been $12 round-trip. Then we ate at an outdoor diner/cafe place. It was great food and I was pleased to see they would accomodate me for my diet. We got in the museum around 1:30ish. It was wonderful as usual. My favorite spot is the 4th floor turret where you can just sit and look at a fabulous view of Central Park and the buildings behind it out of gigantic windows. The kids fave today was the Ocean rooms. W and I just read a book together on tide pools and he loved pointing out all the things he recognized from the book. We ended the trip at the gift shop where everyone got something. The ride home was nice. We drove past Columbus Circle (where my mom works), saw all the hansom cabs with decorated horses, the Plaza Hotel (of Eloise fame and I had my senior prom there!) which looks like it's still being renovated, and over the Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge.

At home, W got changed for hip-hop class. The girls stayed home so it was just W and me today. B's aunt was downstairs and B was coming home in 15 minutes so I wasn't worried. W did well at the class but got tired again half way through. My fault. I should have saved the museum for tomorrow. I always forget just how much walking there is through a museum. I think I'll practice the dance steps with him this week so he'll be all ready for the next class. I should show them to J and let her work with him. He would probably prefer that anyway. Tomorrow I want to wake up and do my AM Flylady Routine. Even when the apartment is a mess, doing the routine makes all the difference in the world.

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Patrice said...

I can't believe y'all drove into Manhattan! Eek! We've done it before, but those garages are such a rip off! LOL! Glad y'all had a nice time at the museum. :) Last time we went, my son was still a newborn and my almost 6 year old would still tolerate the stroller at times--being a 2 year old who preferred walking. LOL! Ah the 59th street bridge. So many times I rode the 101 or the 60 or even the express bus over that bridge. But when I look at Realtor.com dreaming of coming home, dang! How an average family can afford to buy in NY--even rent these days in a safe neighborhood, I kick myself for talking my husband into leaving Brighton Beach!