Tuesday, October 18, 2005

J and I had a nice walk again today after dropping W off at school. We went shopping at a new store and one of the workers asked me if school let out early today. I said no she's homeschooled. She said that's pretty nice and did you know there's a great charter school over on so-and-so street that's excellent? Yes I know about every school in this district (all 2 billion of them). I have to figure out a good line that just shuts people up.

The kids had fun in the playground again and W was involved in a great game of tag with 5 other kids. We picked up K 45 minutes later and got ready for W's hip-hop class. J saw an email I received from the dance studio owner about an audition tonight for a new tap class. I know this means "very-advanced" and was about to delete it when J said, "Wait, I think I'd like to try out for that". Hey, why not.

W is doing wonderfully at his class - even the owner was impressed today! I brought him home afterwards and left J there to hang out until the audition. At home I helped K study for tomorrow's math test (calculating surface area and volume of various 3-dimensional figures, ugh), ate dinner (B made steak, yum), and went back to the studio. J was the youngest one there. No one from her team tried out. She definitely held her own with all the 12-22 y/os. P was there and told me how hard it was and how she was really doing well with it. I don't think she'll make the class (they're doing a huge production number I'm told), but I'm so proud of her for trying out - and planting herself right in the front line, lol.

After auditions were over, all the kids hung out and showed what they learned of their solos and group numbers so far. J did, too. P happened to have a copy of her song and J performed it a couple of times with all the hoots and cheers from the other kids. We didn't get out of there til almost 10pm. J could hang out with the kids and dance all night if she could. Well, at least she's able to sleep late!

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