Sunday, October 16, 2005

B took K and W to the store while I stayed home to clean a bit. J wanted to stay home too, and practice her dance solo. P gave us a copy of the CD for her to practice with. And boy is she practicing. She must have went over it 100 times since Friday. She's only learned 1/3 of it so far (50 seconds out of 2 1/2 minutes). Thank goodness for a nice open dining room floor.

While B watched the Jets game and K hung out in her room, I took J and W to play in the backyard. The neighbor kid was out there, too. They played with his dog, Susie, drew with chalk on the pavement, rode bikes, scooters, skateboard, played baseball, pogo-sticked, and wet some dirt to play with (dumptrucks and all). It got so cold after a while, but none of the kids wanted their jackets. Am I getting old or what?

I was thinking how great it would be if dh's aunt moved out and we got her apartment, too. It would double our space and be so perfect. Our house would turn into 4 bedrooms, bathroom, and playroom on the 2nd floor and a huge eat-in kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, and outside patio overlooking backyard on the first floor. How cool would that be?!?! Oh well, I know it's only a dream.

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Patrice said...

OOh, that would be nice. 4 bedrooms in NY is hard to get. Heck, if we could get 4 bedrooms for a good price, I'd have much persuading (although he lived there for 19 years, Patrick didn't grow up in NY, so it's different for him, Denver boy that he is) him to move back. Fingers crossed on my Powerball.

I have to laugh and do a typical for Patrice thing. ROFL! Jets??? Ick! LOL! I know, shame on me. I am a native NY'er that hates all NY teams--although in a game with the Jets and Giants, I have to go Giants. But then again, my baby daughter's first name is the last name of Denver's most famous quarterback (hee, hee) and her first middle name is the last name of the coach, so I am biased. hahaha. Still love my NY though, just not the teams. I wish I had J's dedication. I would be so exercised. LOL!