Thursday, October 06, 2005

K's report was all done and ready to print last night when we discovered we were completely out of printer ink. I emailed it to dh's aunt and then discovered her computer can't even open any XP documents. I also emailed it to MIL so I could print it out over there but dh's aunt said she only has a black cartridge. Can't use that because there are lots of bright pictures in the report. I called Staples and Office Max, but there was no time to get there and back. B got annoyed since K should have done this 2 weeks ago when she was first told. I ended up writing the teacher a note explaining the situation and hoping she wouldn't be penalized too badly. B printed it out at work today and she'll hand it in tomorrow. After school she said the teacher said No problem and he won't penalize at all. Sigh. I hate school stress.

J was looking at the Singapore math sample pages (4a to 5b) this afternoon and said she would like me to get these books for her. They aren't expensive so if she wants them, fine. She asked me how a match works and I (feeling oh so intelligent) talked about friction and how it creates sparks and about kinetic energy and how it's like the electric shock you get when you touch W after going down the plastic slide at the park. She looked at me funny and said, "no Mom, that's a static shock". Shit.

I've decided to walk up to W's school at dismissal since I am now having a terrible time finding a parking spot up there. I just hope the weather stays nice for a while. His teacher was very impressed today at his use of the word "actually". I almost told her that he's been using that word correctly since he was 2, but I just nodded and smiled. He started talking about the tide pool book again and told me all he remembered about them. Very cool. I think he is definitely more into non-fiction books rather than fiction, since he brought home another one todya. We hit the playground and the bodega and picked up K.

At dance today, I was so impressed at the ease at which these kids learned a very difficult tap routine. I was lost after the first few steps, lol. J is right in the front again. This is always an excellent sign. She will probably be starting practice for her solo soon. I'm waiting for her instructor, P, to call me with the starting date. This Saturday she is one of 4 kids in her group performing at a Hurricane Katrina benefit in New Jersey. They revamped last year's jazz number and turned it into a "quad" instead of the usual 8 kids. We're all gonna go. It should be fun.

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Patrice said...

Ooh can I come? Sounds like fun. WTG with the dance. I went to JHS with a girl who (unfortunately we lost contact) co-owns a Dance studio in Manhattan. She seems well known in dance and she started early too. Isn't it funny how that works out.

LOL about the static shock. Well at least she was able to use her knowledge to correct you. LOL! Heck, my almost 6 year old knows way too much. ROFL!