Sunday, October 09, 2005

The benefit was awesome! There were dozens of dance numbers performed and they were great. J's quad was all dressed and ready and went on 2 hours before they were scheduled. This was good because then they changed back into team clothes and got to relax and watch the rest of show.

J and S were together all day. W was hanging out with 6 or 7 other boys (dancers, little brothers, teachers' kids - all from our studio) and behaved pretty well all day. They sold snacks and drinks so that kept him happy all day, lol. The 12 y/o dancers were all there, too, and they hung out with K all day.

Toward the end of the day, whichever kids were left got to dance on the stage while a woman from New Orleans sang. J was right out there in front, as usual. Her solo instructor said she's starting with J this week! Can't wait!

All the kids had a fantastic time at the benefit. B and I did, too! We got Dance Relief t-shirts and bracelets and learned that they raised over $15,000 for the day! We were there over 6 hours but it didn't feel like it. Coming home was difficult - it was dark and pouring rain. I am so proud of myself that I was able to follow the directions backward and got home within 1.5 hours.

Today we're going to my niece's birthday party in Long Island. B is out with K and W getting a present for her and Halloween costumes for them. J refuses to step foot into a store with any kind of Halloween display. She just gave in her costume request to B, lol. I hope he doesn't pick out something I have to bring back tomorrow, sigh. ROFL!


ellesu said...

Hi....I just wanted to tell you 'Thank you' for your time and energy at the benefit. ....I know the gas to get there and back wasn't cheap either!

I'm from south La. and all the support has been amazing. In my city there are NY police patrolling with our local police.

My husband finally made it back to work in a part of TX that was hit hard by Rita. We are so thankful he has a job to return to--so many are jobless around here. He and the other workers they are allowing back in have been sleeping on cots at the work site and are being fed by volunteers from Oklahoma. So many people from so many places are helping.

Please tell J thank you also.

Patrice said...

Sounds like it was very cool. But why the boycot of Halloween display stores? Halloween rocks! I may be biased since it's my anniversary to though. ROFL!