Monday, October 03, 2005

J had a playdate with her friend G. I sat and talked with T, her mom, for a while before I had to pick up W and K. I love talking with her. She is more of a classical homeschooler and I enjoy listening to how she does things. Her kids are smart, polite, and just wonderful. J had a lot of fun with G and I'm hoping they can get together more often than once every few weeks.

All the kids had Musical Theater today. I'm not so sure W is that into it, and he had to be reminded to stop running around and kickboxing with the other boy when they were supposed to be characters from Cats. LOL! He followed most of the class, but he gets antsy after a while. The teachers shouldn't say a word - it was they who begged him to try the class last week. I forewarned them that he probably wouldn't listen very much. They didn't care. So now they can just deal. (heh heh heh).

B had band rehearsal tonight so the kids and I went to Blockbuster and rented The Ring 2 and White Noise. K loves scary flicks and so do I. J and W fell asleep early so K and I were watching and then she fell asleep half-way through the Ring. Great. So I watched the rest of it by myself - with no one to hide under the covers with at the scary parts. It stunk anyway. I'm hoping the other movie is better. We'll watch that one tomorrow night.

K and W are off from school the next 2 days for the Jewish holiday. I'm figuring out a good place to take them. I was thinking Manhattan, Central Park, Natural History museum, American Girl Store. Maybe we'll meet B by his work and all go home together. Sounds like a plan to me!


Khyraen said...

Wow, how wonderful to live in a place with so much to offer. Now, down in SF, CA, I would have the same sort of choices, but not up here, in the valley. (Up in the valley? I was referring to north west of SF)

Hope you all enjoy your days off!

Patrice said...

Darnit, my post disappeared! LOL! I miss doing things like that. On boring days, the kids and I--they were under 3 at the time, we left a month after my oldest turned 3--would just hop on the ferry and train when we lived on SI and tool around, visit my mother at work, and she works in the 34th street area, or hang around Rockefeller Center and thereabouts b/c Patrick used to work in the Diamond district. I'm so homesick. Why does it have to be so expensive to go back home? LOL! Gotta love Jewish Holidays, are they early this year?