Thursday, October 20, 2005

I am thisclose to pulling K out of school. All of a sudden her grades have slid downhill and her attitude sucks. And I'm the bad guy no matter how I approach her. She adamantly does not want to be homeschooled but I only see this getting worse if she stays in school. I wish I knew about homeschooling 11 years ago.

I am more confident in my decision to h/s W starting in either K or 1st grade. I am at the point where I don't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks anymore. These are MY kids and I'm not bowing down to anyone else's opinions. I am so tired of reading yet another school horror story. There is scandal after scandal every day. Teacher strikes (and complaints and demands), sex with students (today's story), guns and knives, misuse of funds, gangs, bullies, less than half the kids passing, teachers punching kids in the face (yesterday's story) and the list goes on and on and on. Why the hell do we put our children in these places??!

On a happier note, J has been doing wonderfully. We are out every day in the sunshine. She is finding interests in new things and in old things. Her behavior and focus has improved tremndously. She is so happy all the time. She is reading and writing more now and retains it all, too. This is what I want for all my kids. A part of me wonders why I just don't homeschool them all. The other part wants to give them the choice. With W I'm not concerned because the 2.5 hr PreK is just fun for him like any other activity. For K, I am concerned, but she's older and I can't force her to homeschool. Can I?

Other than that, I finally got my h/s confirmation letters from the district. One says they re happy to inform me that this office is in receipt of my intent to h/s my dd J and she has been registered as homeschooling student. And they hope to be of assistance to me so "please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns". The other letter is my checklist of required documents. Next thing due is the 1st Q-report on 11/22. Very official. And with it I can get some more educator's discounts! ;^)

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Patrice said...

Gotta love the discounts. I think you can force her to homeschool. You are still the parent and you are doing what you feel is best by her. It's sort of like those shows, Trading Spouses and stuff like that when a homeschool mom switches with like a working mom and pulls the kids out of school. She will never know if she doesn't try, and y'all can be involved in lots b/c you won't be on "school time"

I used to like school. Then after I graduated was when they put in things like vending machines, metal detectors and "real" security guards instead of old Joe who just worked at school. That just doesn't feel like what school should be.