Monday, October 10, 2005

My niece's party was fun even though it rained. We couldn't go to the farm as planned, but it was great. My sister, G, always has good parties. My other sister was supposed to come, but she and her boyfriend are leaving for a cross-country drive this week and had to tie up some loose ends. After their trip, they are heading out to India to volunteer in a small village teaching children English and how to read. My mom thinks she's out of her mind and is even more worried now since the area she's going to is right where the earthquake hit. But, that's my sister. I know she wants to do this and I think she will always regret it if she doesn't go.

I was talking to G's MIL and of course homeschooling came up as she asked about my kids. I didn't know what her opinion would be. Her family is not very AP/NP - they all formula feed, circumcise, let the kids CYO, and would never think of family bed, slings, cloth diapers, or organic food. And I feel that in a way, homeschooling is just another part of the AP/NP lifestyle. She asked why I wasn't homeschooling all my kids because it's a great thing and "a lot of people homeschool out here". See? I have to stop prejudging people (it comes from the same root as "prejudice"). It seems homeschooling is coming into its own around here! I can't wait for the day when everybody will add homeschooling to their list of educational choices. I bet folks will kick themselves for not looking into it earlier - I did.

So, it turns out the upcoming cabaret is not accepting any more singers for this weekend's show. The girls were a bit nervous anyway so I don't think they'll be too disappointed. There will always be something else that comes along.

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Patrice said...

Wahhh, I miss NY. Hmmm, I wonder how many comments I've posted with that same statement. LOL! It's hard to prejudge people though, and hard not to as well. I've surprised a number of people with my differing views on things (I may make your hair stand--ROFL!) BTW, I'd love a cross country trip--not brave enough for India though, but that sounds cool. But cross country is something I want to do with the kids so bad, drop out and just go all over, for the fun, education and some good ol family time. Cross country got me to know my then boyfriend, now husband alot better. It rocks! Glad the party was nice.